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We are one of the largest single users of beef semen per year.  Our goal is to develop the best seedstock bulls and heifers for our customers to drive cattle destined for the feedlot and then on to the packing plant.  Our herd sires consist of Purebred Angus, Purebred Simmental and SimAngus breeds.  All these bulls are black and polled.  We hand select our breeding stock using proprietary genomics combining low birth weights with exceptional feedlot and carcass performance.

Along with our desire to provide you the best genetics, we also offer a calf buy back program.

Current Bull Offering

BNWZ Nobility

PB Angus

AAA# 20297520

Available through Owners

Hook's Encore

PB Simmental

ASA# 3253795.  Semen $30 Straw

Available at Origen and Allied

West End.JPG
** NEW**
Deer Valley West End 0333
AAA# 19783215.  Semen $20 Straw
Available through Owners


Schilling Stunner 9354

PB Angus

AAA# 19535724.  Semen $30 Straw

Available at Cattle Visions and Owners

Eagle Pass Conversion

3/8 Simmental, 5/8 Angus

ASA# 3080731.  Semen $40 Straw

Available at Origen and Allied

Encore Cattle & Genetics

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